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Owned and operated by Ashley Stewart, Kardiá Personal Training provides custom, at-home workouts that you can easily incorporate into your daily life. As a Certified Personal Trainer, Ashley gives you the one-on-one attention of an in-person session, without the high dollar price tag. Schedule a consultation with her below!

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Online Personal Training

5-day Membership

Online personal training including 5 1-hour workouts per week. An initial Skype goals session and monthly Skype check-ins are included to ensure that your fitness needs are being met. New workouts are given to you each week by Coach Ashley that align with your goals and abilities, and you have the freedom to complete workouts anytime, anywhere, and give feedback to your coach.

3-day Membership

Online personal training including 3 1-hour workouts per week. An initial Skype goals session is included that will give Coach Ashley the information she needs to create a fitness regimen that aligns with your goals and abilities. You will be given new workouts each week, with the freedom to complete them anytime, anywhere, and give feedback to your coach.

Check out OUr MOnthly fitness challenges!

Each month, Ashley leads a small group of people through an online fitness challenge to become fitter, healthier versions of themselves. The next challenge starts March 4th, and will focus on building strength and mobility as it pertains to runners! Whether you are a short or long distance runner, this challenge will provide you with strength movements to get you feeling stronger and faster, as well as mobility movements to improve the way your hips, knees, ankles, and back feel and perform. Click the link above to learn more!

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