Hands-On Online Personal Training $145/month

This Online Personal Training program gives you a custom plan designed to improve every aspect of your fitness, while providing a flexible training schedule. With the 5-Day Membership option, you get Ashley’s full, undivided attention. Workouts will be tailored to fit your individual schedule, style, needs, and goals, while providing you with the option to complete workouts when it is most convenient for you. This membership includes:

  • Initial Skype interview and movement assessment to determine your current and desired fitness levels, weaknesses and strengths, and goals

  • 5 1-hour workouts per week, personally designed for you, your needs, and the equipment you have available

  • An all around blend of cardio, strength, and skill to give you a well-balanced training program

  • Access to TrueCoach, an online portal that tracks workouts and progress easily

  • Warm-ups and cool-downs for each workout

  • Video submission option - evaluations and feedback on how your form is looking

  • Monthly Skype check-ins to track your progress, mental game, and to add new goals

  • Access to Ashley’s personal email and phone number, ensuring that all of your fitness questions are answered as fast as possible

  • ***3 and 6-month packages available upon request

  • ***Couples packages available

Online Personal Training