The Devastation of Hurricane Harvey and the Awakening of Texas Heroes

We're going to take a little detour from our usual topic of CrossFit today...

I've been struggling to find words to describe this event and my feelings surrounding it. I've been hoping for profound inspiration, words that would bring comfort and somehow help those effected, but there may be none. This disastrous event has left many speechless and our beloved state panicked. Those who have family in Houston are terrified for their well-being, and feel helpless to do anything about it. Those of us who were fortunate to not have family there, were heartbroken nonetheless as we watched the tragedy unfold  

When the hurricane hit, I was unaware of its full capabilities. I live hours away from the effected areas, and only saw heavy rain. It wasn't until I opened Facebook that I saw what was happening. I saw families wading through water in their living rooms, elderly persons sitting in dirty, murky water because they couldn't go anywhere else, mothers sacrificing themselves for their children. My heart broke for these people and I cannot imagine experiencing such an event.


This sort of thing is never expected in Texas. Yet the way everyone has rallied together and shown their support, you'd think Texans rescued those in need on a daily basis. And maybe they do, but to see this kindness displayed to such a degree in the midst of tragedy has been inspirational. My heart swelled with pride to see so many boats lining the highways, all headed to help complete strangers. Strangers who, had these kind souls not arrived, may have lost their lives. So many others who could not donate their time have helped in other ways by giving money, food, supplies, good thoughts and prayers. No controbution is too small. The people of Texas know this to be true, and will never shy away from helping their neighbors in any way they can. 


Our continued thoughts, prayers, and support goes out to all effected by Hurricane Harvey. Houston took the worst of it, but so many others have been hurt as well. They will not be lost in our efforts to recover from this tragedy. And recover we will. This weekend, we have proved that we are stronger together. If we continue in this way, nothing can keep us down. We are Texas Strong.