The 5 Rules of CrossFit

As a coach, there are certain things athletes do that either make my job easier or harder. Some are obvious, some are not. So read the list below and and find out what kind of athlete you are. Are you easy to coach, or do you give your trainer nightmares?

1. We Want a Clean Slate

Everything you thought you knew about fitness, throw it out. Now. Let it go and forget about it. There are so many theories and opinions about fitness. Walking into the world of CrossFit, you will be introduced to even more. If you can be open to new ideas and concepts, you will flourish. You will also be 10x easier to coach, which brings me to my next rule.

2. No Egos. Ever

The hardest athlete to coach, by far, is the one who thinks they know everything. The coach is the coach. You are not. Your coaches are there to keep you safe. That is their number one priority. They would never intentionally put you in harm's way, or tell you to do something they don't believe in 100%. Trust them. They are there for you and, more so, they want to be there for you. Let them. You can't learn anything if your mind is already full of your own opinions. 

3. Be Brave

Put on your big girl (or boy) panties and get ready to try some new shit. Flying through the air on rings or throwing weight over your head may be something you've never done before. I know I hadn't, and that was really scary. I just kept thinking, "If I drop this on my head right now, that's it. I'm dead." But as soon as you let that fear take over, you increase your risk of actually dropping it on your head. If you tell yourself that you aren't going to drop it, and remind yourself of your bail options, you'll be just fine. So buck up. Be brave and crush some shit.

4. Practice Everything a Million Times

Practice does not make perfect, but it does make it better. If you're scared of a particular movement, do it over and over again until that fear is gone. If you're really bad at a movement, same thing. Doing things over and over again, the correct way, cements them into your mind. If you're not sure how to get better at something, ask your coach. They'll be more than happy to give you homework and we love it when athletes care enough to put in extra work. Eventually, you'll be more comfortable and your skills will improve. So be patient with yourself, it just takes practice.

5. Be One With The Chalk

Chalk is your best friend in the gym. It gets everywhere and it can be kind of irritating, but it will save you big time. So pack it in, dump the bucket over your head, bathe in all its glory (not literally, coaches hate cleaning that shit up). Haters will hate but they are secretly jealous. You do you and save those pretty hands.