What to Say to Critics of CrossFit

If you haven't run into one yet, you will eventually. That person who's tried crossfit and been hurt, the one who heard of their friends trying it and getting hurt, those who think its a cult and a fad and produces women who are "too bulky." There are so many things people say about this sport. Sometimes they get under my skin, sometimes they don't. It depends on how adamant they are about something they know nothing about. So what is the best response to someone who is telling you that you're involved in the worse thing ever and, particularly for women, that you shouldn't get "too big?"

*shrug* "Meh."

This has become my go to response. I used to try to explain myself and show them 'the error of their ways,' but if someone is just talking at you and trying to force their opinion on you, they won't listen to anything you have to say. The best thing you can do is shrug it off, showing you don't care what they think. They have their opinion and you have yours. You don't need to change their mind, just like they won't change yours

Occasionally, someone will ask questions after I shrug off their warnings. Then I find it appropriate to explain myself, saying that bad coaching and carelessness leads to injuries, it's not a fad it's a community, and yes I will be getting big muscles because your standards of beauty do not determine mine.

People are stubborn, and crossfit is still relatively new compared to other sports. Not everyone is going to be accepting of it. Personally, I use others' criticism to move me forward. I've heard the all too common, "just don't get too big. It's not beautiful." I was showing a video to a family member, because after asking me to explain crossfit about 20 times, I was fed up and wanted someone else to do it for me. They saw the women, pointed, and said, "don't get that big."

I asked, "why not?"

They said, "it's not pretty."

I turned to face them, looked them dead in the eye, and said "I am going to get that big."

Their disapproval lit a fire. I was so angry that they wanted to control something that was so not their right to control. I am the only one in control of my body. Stick to yourself. Leave me alone. So I decided I was going to get as big as my body would allow. That journey still continues because I am a very small person to start out with. But I have made some gains. Loads of gains since I started. And you know what? That family member ended up being impressed.

Criticism is hard to take, especially if it's from a family member about your favorite sport. But ultimately, if you're doing something you love and they aren't supportive, tune it out. Keep your focus on what makes you happy, what makes you a better person. The right people will get on board. The wrong people will be scared of your muscles and will also get on board ;P