Keeping Your Mind and Body Healthy When You Can't Workout

Keeping your mind and body healthy can be difficult when you can't workout. Working out while you're sick is not a good idea. Working out when your doctor tells you not to, is also not a good idea. In the past, I have ignored both and regretted it. So when I had my wisdom teeth removed last week, I decided to listen to the doctors.

They were right. My mouth was so swollen and so painful that working out would have been a terrible idea. But I was miserable. After the first two days of sleeping due to loads of meds, I wanted to go to the gym badly. Really, I just wanted to move. I was tired of being lazy, and depression started to set in. Working out is my way to keep myself on track mentally. When I can't do that, it's not good for anyone.

I knew I couldn't workout like I wanted to, but I did find ways to move that helped ease the feeling of "Oh my God I'm going to lose all of my gains!" The doctors were only concerned with how intense the workouts would be. They didn't want my heart rate getting up too high because that would cause pulsing in my gums and that wouldn't be good after surgery. So I did a lot of static holds. Planks, hollow rock holds, squat holds, and push-up holds. 3 x max efforts are great to start out with on these to see how long you can hold each position. Then you can progress to 3 x 1 minute, 3 x 2 minutes, and so on. 


I was able to work in actual squats and push-ups as well, but the holds were harder and thus more effective at making me feel like I got an actual workout in. Thus, I was able to ease my mind and keep my gains, all while keeping my heart rate down and following the doctor's orders.


I believe that in order to heal and recover faster, your mind needs to be in the right place. However you get it there is up to you. My way is through exercise. If the body is healthy, the mind has a better chance of being healthy. I'm grateful that I was able to keep both healthy through a week away from the gym.

A special thanks to my family for thinking up healthy meals when I couldn't chew anything!