The Best Grips - WODies VS Bear Grips

If you read my post on hand care, then you know that my favorite kind of grips are no grips. My hands are small and make it hard to grip anything as it is. But in a workout with a lot of pull-ups, or on an especially hot Texas day, it becomes harder to avoid ripping my hands. It really helps to have grips for these occasions. Ones that do their job and don’t make it too hard to grip the bar.


For the past two years I’ve been using WODies grips whenever my hands were too sensitive to go without. I tried not to use them because they did make it hard to grip the bar. The extra material on my palm just made it difficult. They fit well, covered most of my palm and were snug around my fingers, but were just a tad too thick for me.


Recently, I ordered Bear Grips. These are so much better. The material is thinner, and softer which is something I didn’t think I’d care about but actually really like. They have two finger holes versus the three that WODies has, but I actually like that they don’t cover my whole palm. Having some skin touch the bar tends to give me a better grip overall. The finger holes are a bit large. For my small hands, that is somewhat of a problem. But I pinned the material in the back and that problem was quickly solved. If you don’t have mini-sized hands this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

One feature that both of these grips have in common is wrist support. Each feels completely different. WODies’ support is definitely stiffer. Personally, I found that difficult when transferring from say pull-ups to push-ups, when my wrist actually needed to bend. However, it did come in handy when pairing pull-ups with overhead barbell movements.

The wrist support on the Bear Grips is lighter, but still present. I recently did a workout which paired toes-to-bar and handstand push-ups. I wondered if my wrists would be inhibited when pressing upside down but they were just fine. I didn’t feel like my wrists were restricted when performing the movement, nor did I feel as if they weren’t supported enough.

Overall, I have enjoyed using my Bear Grips much more than my WODies. I still tape my thumbs, as I suggested in my post on hand care, just to get a better grip. But Bear Grips have definitely claimed a permanent spot in my gym bag.