Online Personal Training

Coach Ashley is very knowledgeable and very accommodating to your specific needs. The workouts were always easy to understand and came with videos to help with how to execute each exercise. Even though I hadn’t exercised in a few years, each workout was very doable and scaled according to my abilities.

- Monica, age 48 - Remote Client

Online Personal Training

“I moved out a year ago and the whole year my health went out the window. I wasn't eating right and wasn't taking care of myself. Now that I have started training with Coach Ashley, I have seen so much progress. I've been following her training for about 2 months now and feel so much better about myself, and as a plus all my coworkers have come up to me and say I'm looking much better too! Definitely one of the best decisions health wise so far.”

-Brandon, age 21 - Remote Client

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“Coach Ashley has designed a multi-level program designed especially for my needs (mobility, balance, weight loss, and overall heath). Each day she sends the instructions; always using the equipment I have on hand that will assist me in improving mobility and balance (I like not having to go to a gym). Each day is different and challenging in it’s own way. I send her the short videos of the exercises and she responds with encouraging messages.  I was dreading doing this at my age as I haven’t been exercising much at all! It has actually improved my mood a lot. I feel good about myself.”

-Carol, age 66 - Remote Client